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package.nls This component is linked to the MC-Datapack-Utility/src repository. MIT Translate
src MIT 8 Translate
Project website
Translation license MIT package.nls src
Number of strings 183
Number of words 927
Number of characters 5,546
Number of languages 1
Number of source strings 183
Number of source words 927
Number of source characters 5,546
Committed changes a month ago
Committed changes a month ago
%0% is not implemented yet. sorry!
%0% 尚未實作,對不起!
a month ago
Unexpected escape character %0%
預期外的跳脫字元 %0%
a month ago
Name of the data pack tag
a month ago
Type of data pack tag
a month ago
Multiple data pack tags were found. Please select the one you want to use.
a month ago
a month ago
Length to pad the value at the beginning
a month ago
Character to fill in the beginning
a month ago
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